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Since 2009, Smart Stretch has been your source for yoga tutorials, mobility recipes, and all sorts of classes to compliment your teaching, coaching, and movement practice.

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Join Adarsh for a series of lessons to OPEN YOUR BODY FAST. We will focus on the lessons learned from movement masters from traditional training through contemporary sports science. Download now!

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Interested in creating a program for your lifestyle? Adarsh offers private lessons online and in person. Are you a yogi stuck on some tricky pose? Or an athlete that needs some ROM advice? Get personalized training and coaching designed specifically for your unique lifestyle.

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For more general information on getting started and yoga as a lifestyle, please visit our blog.

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The Smart Stretch Book Has Arrived! Your guide to Full Body Active Isolated Stretching is now available as an Interactive Ebook or as a paperback through

Smart Stretch: Full Body Active Isolated Stretching

Ashtanga Yoga: Strength, Mobility, & Skill

Basically, it’s about “strength thinking.”
I wanted to make an instructional video that integrates key strength and mobility skills with the familiar yoga practice that we all love.

Adarsh Williams

Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Join me for my annual 200 Hour Foundation Training at Space Yoga in Taipei.

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Join me in Taipei this June for a 50 Hour Immersion into Ashtanga Yoga Second Series.

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