The Five Pilates Moves You Need

For Symmetry, Poise, Balance

Here’s 5 Pilates Sequences that EVERY Yogi (and every other body) can include in their daily moves:

1. The Hundred

The Hundred is the quintessential Pilates move. The Hundred can be scaled by bending the knees or putting the head on a small pillow. The key is to feel that sweet burn in the abs while maintaining the neutral spine.

The Hundred

2. Single Leg Pull

This dynamic stretch builds strength through the abs and hips while preparing you for anything requiring hip flexion, like, you know, walking, running, yoga- ing…

Single Leg Pull

3. Criss Cross

Move slowly with control to avoid the compensations that we often see in bicycle crunches (over-extended spine, momentum).

Criss Cross

4. Rolling Like A Ball

Functional Abdominal strength is built with drills like this. Focus on building strength in the abs while gently stretching the low back. And when you really feel like a ninja, try rolling all the way onto your feet!

Rolling Like A Ball

5. Spine Stretch Forward

One of the most valuable skills to integrate your movement practice is sensing how abdominal flexion leads to the best forward bends of your life.

Spine Stretch Forward

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