Smart Stretch: Ebook

Smart Stretch works with the body’s natural intelligence to safely elongate muscle, improve mobility, and restore balance within the fascial matrix. Using precise alignment, you will isolate specific muscles and learn how to stretch virtually every movement in the body.

This Interactive Ebook allows you to watch video demonstrations of each sequence. It’s an app and a book in one!

Smart Stretch: Paperback

Based on the latest research in movement and mobility, Smart Stretch integrates the best practices of mindful movement (yoga, tai-chi) with clinically proven techniques. This workbook includes easy-to-follow self-stretches with over 50 unique sequences to isolate & stretch virtually every movement in the body.

A training program just for you

Get fast, lasting results with my proven approach to yoga and personal training. Whether you’re an athlete, a casual yogi, or someone who has never set foot in a gym, I have a plan that’ll work for you! And I’ll be there coaching you every step of the way.

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