If Yoga is All About Stretching…

“If yoga is all about stretching, why should I bother doing all this extra mobility stuff?”

A great question, and TBH, it’s one that I’ve asked myself more than once! 😉

Here’s some thoughts:

First up, traditional Yoga never really talks about “stretching” the body, yoga is more about extending the breath.

So, yoga will suggest that you do a pose, but not much in terms of “how” to do it.

This is a FEATURE, not a bug. Many of us enjoy the mysteries and puzzles that exist in yoga. I know that I do!

So for me, figuring out the yoga is what got me interested in mobility in the first place.

Obviously, if you have a STIFF body, then you’ll need some extra attention in those body-parts.

Something that you might find interesting, is that even Hyper-Mobile yogis us mobility training as a way to improve their STABILITY.

Btw, stability is the first piece of the mobility puzzle. When you learn to “get tight,” you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your end range strength and flexibility.

The biggest “Why” I train mobility in addition to DAILY yoga is the SKILL acquisition, aka Strengthening The Nervous System.

As we Rewire the Movement System through Specific Training, there is an automatic transfer into the Yoga Practice.

One response to “If Yoga is All About Stretching…”

  1. Hello. I just love your type of practice.I just find out about you.I also just bought your book.It will arrive on Thursday.My question to you is what do you think of Yin Yoga? Is it good to hold the poses sometimes up to 5 min? Thank you. Please let me know the time is best.Blessings.


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