Teacher Intensive

“My 10 year old son recently came to me asking, “dad, will you train me?”

As a father and a teacher, these are the moments I live for. 

Like my 10 year old, I remember being curious about training and physical culture from a young age. By 16, I was reading about yoga and experimenting with meditation. By 19, I was fully “in” on the yoga, started Ashtanga at 22 and found myself at the feet of Gurus in India by 25. 

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have stumbled into yoga and to spend my entire adult life engaged in the practice and sharing with others.

Presently, my interests have developed into two streams of teaching. First, I’m interested in making the yoga available to every-body. This means, finding a practice that serves both elite athletes (that want to get stronger, faster, etc.) and the person that has limitation (pain, injury, stiffness). Everyone should be able to “play” yoga!

Second, I am keen to improve the level of Yoga Teaching that exists. I want to see the profession of Yoga Teaching elevated. That yoga teachers are trained and qualified to really see and meet the needs of their students. As we improve as teachers, we will better serve yoga students. This will in turn, create more teachers and more students…

Yoga is for everyone. The benefits of the yoga lifestyle go far beyond the physical.

Yoga is a process of gradual awakening, that once started, progressively improves and gives greater context for a person’s life. It’s powerful shit!”

Our 200-hour Teacher Intensive is based on real-world application of yoga practice and teaching.  This training gives you an overview of traditional yoga techniques while empowering you to share with others. At the completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT- 200.


AUGUST 30 – SEPTEMBER 25, 2021